1. Be loyal to your country. 

2. Be obedient to your parents and/or guardians

3. Be loveable between husband and wife

4. Be cooperative between brothers and sisters

5. Be faithful between friends.

6. Be respectful between friends.

7. Be helpful to the weak.

8. Be honest in personal affairs.

9. Be faithful between teachers and students.

10. Always finish what you start. 





  • SELF DEFENSE: We protect our lives and possessions from injustice and danger. 

  • HEALTH: We promote our physical and spiritual health and enjoy strong bodies and sound minds through rigorous training. 

  • BETTER PERSON: We strive to be of better character through endurance and hard work. 

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Philosophy of the Belt System


Our Tang Soo Do belt system in its progress from white to black represents the cycle of the seasons. Each color stands for a specific stage of achievement. In this way, we realize an essential concept of Oriental philosophy, i.e., that which is born must grow, reach maturity, die, and leave behind the seeds of a new birth.



Beginners belt color. White represents a primitive stage of achievement. Thus, the seed as it lies dormant beneath the snows of winter.



Purple represents new growth which appears in spring. Our Tang Soo Do knowledge begins to reveal itself. 



Green represents the speedy development of youth as summer arrives.



Red represents blood, life, energy, attention and control. The student's power and techniques begin to bloom and ripen. 



Black represents mastery, calmness, dignity, and sincerity. Black is the final stage of one life cyle and the beginning of the next. Thus, we see that it is not only the end of one stage but, more importantly, the beginning of a path which leads up through the ranks of the higher black belt's to the true mastery.